The Following is an in-development animated series pilot titled 'Ghoulfriend' written by myself and Saige Guevara.

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Jan. 2019

The inclusive characters, unique art style, creative script and story make it no surprise how successful "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" is.

...Sony has created a world in which we all take part, they have opened the doors for unique filmmaking, and I, for one, cannot wait to see the impact on future animated films.

Oct. 2018

We, as human beings, are infatuated with the future; we are curious about the unknown because it is filled with endless possibilities.


...It's more important to be real and genuine with ourselves than seeming like we always have it together.

Oct. 2018

I can always count on my mom for advice and now you can too.

...Just as she helps me through life, I wanted to use my platform to spread her words to anyone that needs to be impacted by her kind and nurturing soul.

Mock-Up for Spring Semester Article (Unreleased )                         

 Jan. 2019

...I don't think escapism is bad; sometimes it's necessary to remind yourself of good times while in a bad one. It's just dangerously easy to go down a rabbit hole of nostalgia and forget about the real world that exists outside of your memories. It needs a balance.​

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A fully formatted MLA research article investigating how writing and language works in the world represented in a thorough research into multi-modal literacy such as animation.