After her unexpected death in 1983, Spectra, a lonely ghost inhabiting an abandoned loft, has her world flipped upside down by a rowdy new tenant. thrilled about her new ghost roommate, paranormal enthusiast, June, takes matters into her own hands to figure out who or what is haunting her loft. The girls' mutual curiosity for one another blossoms into an innocent romance, halted by the timid spirit's fear of rejection. Unsure of how June will react to the fact that she's a girl, Spectra struggles to build up the courage to show herself to her crush.

Ghoulfriend is a collaborative project between seven artists. This project was created over the span of 2 months, please enjoy the development work below !

(All artwork below are created by the artist Sabrina Vega and are not created by other team members)

Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 2.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 3.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 4.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 5.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 6.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 7.jpg
Ghoulfriend Project_Artboard 8.jpg