Hello! My name is Sabrina Vega, I am a Visual Storyteller specializing in Character Design, Visual Development, Illustration and Storyboarding !

As a Hispanic-American woman my goal as an artist is to create unique and narrative work that connects with and represents various audience members.

Animated films visualize empathy and complex themes to people of different ages, ethnicities and genders and I want to impact audience members around the world just as it did to me. It's a beautiful feeling to immerse yourself outside of reality and into a world designed by a hardworking team of creative individuals that I strive to be a part of. I am always eager to share my unique voice and stories and explore the different roles and positions offered within the industry.



Below I have my current social media platforms that are up to date with work I've made and released !







Thank you for reviewing my work! Please get in touch for any inquires or interest in commission / freelance work :)


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